Best Group in the HD World
This is a long overdue review but so well deserved. Had a shifter issue late on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of the New Mexico desert and 1,400 miles from home and just beginning a 5,000-mile trip. With the luck of a cell signal, I was able to locate High Plains HD only 26 miles away. But it was late in the afternoon. Almost 5 pm. With a minute to spare before they closed until Tuesday I was able to contact service. They sent out a truck and trailer to pickup my bike and my frustrated ass. The young guy that picked me up was pleasant and courteous, drove cautiously with the precious cargo and provided some never before known to me information about Clovis, NM. When we reached the dealership I expected to see perhaps the General Manager and a mechanic at the most and fully expected to stay in Clovis until Tuesday when the shop would reopen before I could get on my way again but to my complete surprise it appeared that the entire shop had stayed after hours to help me get on the road. Luckily it was a quick fix (front shifter shaft needed to be replaced) but, not only did they fix the shifter but fixed the trip-odometer, fixed my security fob and replaced the saddlebag mounting clips that were on a recall notice. They could have very easily fixed the shifter sent me on my way given it was late on a Saturday evening but they took care of even the little issues that I wasn't concerned about at the time. Talk about going the extra mile! What a wonderful group of guys. I chose Zac and Ben in this review but there were several others, whose names I cannot recall, that deserve the credit as well. I remember Zac since he was the service writer and Ben because he did his very best to get me to trade in 2015 Road Glide CVO Ultra for the new 2019 Road Glide CVO Custom and to be honest, he almost made the sale. :) Even though I live in the Chicago area, I will definitely consider buying my next bike from High Plains HD. I would rather purchase a bike from some of the best guys I've ever met at a dealership or on the road altogether, that took the time on a late Saturday evening to get a biker that they didn't know back on the road and treated me as if we've been friends for a very long time than from a local dealer that just wants to make a sale. I will make sure that I stop back in and will make it part of my trip plan if I'm back in the area and Ben, you can expect to hear from me in a year or two. We'll talk about a 2020 or 2021 CVO. You won't have to twist my arm. I have your card. Thanks Again, Veaux (Pack Rat) (Employee: Zac Starbuck, Ben Sterns)
Veaux L
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